Beyond the Law (1992)

Some men are meant to stand between good and evil.
Action / Drama / Thriller • 108 minutes  6.6/10
Starring: Charlie Sheen Linda Fiorentino Michael Madsen Courtney B. Vance Leon Rippy Dennis Burkley Lyndsay Riddell Rino Thunder and others.
Released • April 22, 1992

An undercover cop joins a murderous, arms-dealing biker gang to try to put them behind bars.

A.K.A. CA: Beyond the Law (Director's Cut)  DE: Made of Steel - Hart wie Stahl  DK: Fuld hammer  ES: Recuerdos que matan  FR: Au Dessus De La Loi  GR: Πέρα από τα όρια  NO: Fixing The Shadow  PT: Beyond The Law  RU: За Пределами Закона  SE: Made Of Steel  UA: В гонитві за тінню  US: Fixing The Shadow